More goodies.....

Folsom Prison Blues

Seminole Wind

Poncho and Lefty

Last thing on my Mind

Big Iron

Long Black Train

21 in Prison

Big John

North to Alaska

Traveling Man


Your Man

Farmer's Blues

Last Kiss

Lost Highway

Tequila Sunrise

.....and much more

  • Devil Woman3:26
  • Ring of Fire3:02
  • River Like You3:31
  • Girl3:41
  • Shenadoah3:57
  • Sea of Heartbreak3:33
  • Heros have always been cowboys3:01
  • Denver3:14
  • Ruby2:49

"You would not imagine how entertained my family was at your performance. My Mom, a self-proclaimed "rocker" at heart, really enjoyed all you had to offer and called you absolutely fantastic".   Jonathan Graham,  Music Journalist